Migraines, headaches, ear pain, and orofacial pain can all be linked to TMJ disorders. For example, did you know that jaw joint dysfunction or muscle disorders may cause migraine headaches? When you experience pain, it is likely that more than one structure in your body is involved. The neck, the back, and more can affect or cause a problem with the jaw joints.

Orofacial pain is any pain that occurs in the head, neck, and face area. Orofacial pain may include tooth pain, burning mouth syndrome, or any kind of facial pain that radiates into the head, producing headache pain. Research indicates that 90% of headaches are caused by muscle pain. Other orofacial pain may include trigeminal neuralgia, or nerve pain. When a nerve or the root of a nerve is inflamed (neuritis), it can cause a “burning” pain. In certain cases, pain may present in single or multiple sites that are not the origin of the pain, such as a tooth hurting because of a muscle, stabbing pain in your cheek caused by an inflamed nerve, or ear pain resulting from an injured muscle.

The head and neck are the most complicated part of the entire body. Diagnosis can be difficult and confusing because of the interrelationship of the nerves and the function of the muscles. Your talented, experienced doctor, Dr. Pamela Powell, will provide a thorough, comprehensive evaluation to understand the cause of your pain and to determine the proper course of treatment. If you are experiencing headaches, ear pain, orofacial pain, or another type of pain, we encourage you to contact our dentist in Boise, Idaho today. We are dedicated and passionate to find a solution that relieves your pain and allows you to live life to the fullest again.