At the office of Pamela A. Powell, DMD, our goal is to discover what is wrong and why. Your doctor, Dr. Powell, performs a thorough TMJ and related structures examination to determine the cause of your TMJ pain and the best treatment. To diagnose TMJ disorders, we will take a mold of the teeth and evaluate the jaws, teeth, cervical (neck) areas and shoulders, as well as muscle and nerve function. Your in-depth, personalized evaluation also includes your health history, range of motion testing and sleep habit evaluation to help us arrive at an accurate diagnosis. By diagnosing and correcting for the actual disorders, we can help to relieve months or years of pain and suffering. Historically, traditional TMJ treatment has consisted of treating the symptoms, not actually diagnosing the reason for the pain. To begin your journey to a stable, pain-free life, we invite you to call our office in Boise, Idaho to schedule your first visit.