Many types of treatment and therapy can be used to treat TMJ disorders. We utilize state-of-the-art techniques and the latest equipment to effectively diagnose and treat TMD (Temperomandibular Disorder). Dr. Powell is also proud to have a Certified Neuromuscular Technician on staff. Some of the treatments we provide at our Boise, Idaho office include:

  • Orthotics
  • Muscle therapy
  • Self-help techniques, which you will take home and use between appointments.
  • Education and counseling on work and sleep posture

The most common and conservative method of treatment is a custom-fitted, removable orthotic for the teeth. By stabilizing the bite, head and neck posture, an orthotic device can relieve stress and pain in the jaw joint, face, ears and neck. Your skilled doctor may recommend an orthotic to serve two purposes:

  • To eliminate muscle spasms and pain occurring with bite imbalance
  • To stabilize the TMJ

Once the proper jaw position is established, a small number of patients may desire orthodontic treatment or reconstruction. When necessary, we also coordinate our TMJ therapy with other healthcare professionals, and we are happy to direct the completion of this jaw positioning to your orthodontist or general dentist, as needed. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Pamela Powell to find the TMJ treatment that fits your unique needs, please call our office soon.