Some of our patients wonder how a TMJ orthotic is different from a mouthguard, nightguard, splint, or “NTI” appliance that they already have but doesn’t work. The answer is that the neuromuscular orthosis is made with your body’s measured nerve and muscle information and has the shape and contour of natural teeth, custom-made to fit your smile. These specialized contours guide the brain and muscles into the relaxed jaw position. Generally, the plastic of other guards or splints simply keeps your teeth apart, often holding them in your regular, dysfunctional bite position. At our office, the shape of the orthotic is determined by using specialized diagnostic equipment. Other guards and splints are not made with this sophisticated technology. For more information on TMJ orthotics, as well as the other treatments we provide at our Boise, Idaho office, we invite you to contact us today. Dr. Powell looks forward to caring for you!